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Amazon Customer Reviews

Elizabeth B.

5.0 out of 5 stars
Pat, I really enjoyed reading your adventure and your path to Jesus Christ.

February 20, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition
The excitement leading to the next story never stops. Couldn't stop reading. Besides knowing Pat from high school, and always thinking of him as a great guy, I was impressed that he had the courage to take that trip. Well told memoir.

Joseph Fab
4.0 out of 5 stars

It was a fun journey, going along with him for the ride

February 24, 2018

Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

This was a very entertaining read. So much truth pours out from the author’s real life situations while he is trying to find himself. Interesting to see how his perspective changes as he matures and finds a belief that helps him navigate a sometimes problematic world. It was a fun journey, going along with him for the ride. Vicki

Christopher B. Benson

3.0 out of 5 stars
Thoroughly enjoyed Pat’s adventure in Australia

March 21, 2018

Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

Thoroughly enjoyed Pat’s adventure in Australia, as a young man! Obviously, he never could have imagined what he would encounter. His year there I am sure really changed his life forever!
The book really keeps you engaged and became hard to put down!

Readers' Favorite Reviews

Reviewed 4/20/2018

In Same Red Dirt by Pat Conrad, follow the adventures of one man as he gives up his career and life in the United States, and travels to Australia. He has no definite plan when he arrives. He takes everything in his stride and recounts his adventures with a dark humour and an honesty that is simply entertaining. Pat has some extraordinary jobs, spending eight months working in a mental hospital in Sydney and caring for Australia’s most dangerous patients. He meets some disturbing and troubled characters, and has some hair-raising moments. From there, follow his exciting road trip with his friend across Australia and Tasmania. Pat’s road trip is cut short with news from home. He decides to return to the US, but is still trying to find that missing piece in his life. Explore this brutally honest account filled with daring exploits, memorable characters, and thought provoking life lessons. Back in the US, he makes an acquaintance that will change his life in a remarkable way.

Same Red Dirt by Pat Conrad will make you want to give up the daily grind of your 9-5 routine and embark on your own adventure. His experiences in Callan Park Mental Hospital were compelling and amusing. The descriptions of the patients, especially Bart, were told with compassion and humour. The stories of corruption and bribery from the nurses on D Ward were horrific and quite disturbing. I admired his openness and honesty throughout this book. He didn’t paint himself to be anything but a man who was searching for a life purpose, but found adventure and eternal memories instead. He has proven that life is to be lived and I was glad when he finally found meaning in his life at the end. It came in the most unusual form, but I feel it was his destiny to finally find peace. A thoroughly well written and candid book.

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