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Find out what happened to Pat Conrad the night he was attacked by dingoes in Tasmania...

Looking for an affordable gift for  young adults and older? Consider Pat Conrad’s comical memoir: Same Red Dirt.

SAME RED DIRT - shutterstock_1092225212
Pat Conrad - Same Red Dirt -Final Cover.

Same Red Dirt

For years I have shared my stories with friends and co-workers about my crazy and wild experiences when, at age 22, I quit a good job and escaped to Australia.  Many encouraged me to write a book and I am now excited to announce it is now published--available in both paperback and e-book!

If you read my book and enjoy it, I would greatly appreciate you posting a  review on Amazon or your favorite online bookstore.   --Thanks, Pat

Same Red Dirt

ASIN: B079WQ2273
ISBN: 978-0-692-06561-7

When as a young man Pat Conrad gave up a good job and left the United States in search of greener pastures in Australia, he didn’t know what he would find—or even if he would come back at all. During the next thirteen months, his freewheeling spirit and thirst for adventure brought him in contact with a parade of unforgettable characters. With refreshing honesty and a keen wit, Same Red Dirt recounts Pat’s experiences working at Sydney’s infamous Callan Park Mental Hospital, where he spent time among some of the world’s most criminally insane; his escape to the sandy beaches near Sydney; his hair-raising experiences down the red dirt roads of Australia’s rugged Outback; and his series of unusual jobs as he made his way throughout the country. In this “R-rated Christian memoir,” Pat shares how his bad choices along the way, and his desire to fill a hole in his heart, led to a major change in his life.

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